Disinfection is the process of inactivating or destroying microorganisms that cause disease .  Pathogenic microorganisms include viruses , bacteria and protozoa . 


Disinsection - Includes fighting insects, with eggs and eggs, the building will help you- Disinfect the buildings from such pests, such as cockroaches, gardeners, ticks, fleas, lice, flies and many others, whose being close to a person is undesirable and not allowed. We offer any type of space: Trade, warehouse, office, treatment of residential and external perimeters, with full coverage of all surfaces: Furniture, digital technology,  devices and more...


Deratisation is an action aimed at eliminating any presence of rodents ( rats , mice , field mice , bats , etc. ) Our professional team has the ability to fully address this issue Highly qualified experience . If your apartment , house or business has a problem with rodents , we come to your home , apartment or business and offer various ways to solve and control the problem .

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